Tuesday 19th June, 2018

New York-New York Hotel & Casino

Awe struck us on our arrival at this relatively new hotel and casino establishment at the top of the Strip. The hotel is a replica of New York City with several skyscrapers, the Brooklyn Bridge with the Empire State Building as its pinnacle. Fortunately the hotel was built without the World Trade Center Towers, and this is because the theme of the hotel is New York in the 1930s. Inside we were treated to a quick and cosy check-in and directed to the Century Tower on the 34th floor. We hurried past some of the dramatic scenery on which we'll comment later and pushed on up to our room. The lift lobby housed six lifts, four of which were for the first 30 floors, and the others for those above and a selection of penthouses. Alighting on the 34th floor we opened into a 300 square feet 1930s decor room with spectacular views out over the Las Vegas nightlife. Lights glittered everywhere with the room capturing all of the excitement of the city. Plenty of space, tasteful decor and all the usual facilities. No mini-bar which is not unusual for casino hotels as they like you to be downstairs, so they can tempt you to gamble. Our only criticism of the room was the lighting. You could barely see at night, and the light at the entry was so dimmed it was of little use. Bedside lamps could be turned on, but again the light they gave off gave the appearance that the hotel was rationing energy. The bathroom was spacious enough, although not overly so. The guest amenties were fine, a hairdryer was provided, and in all the accommodation measured up to the reputation of one of Las Vegas's finest and newest hotels. The complex has over 2,000 rooms in its many towers. This may sound a lot however when the hotel was being built just a few short years ago the MGM Grand was under construction with over 5,000 rooms. This prompted the then owner of New York, New York when asked on radio why he was only including 2,000 odd rooms. He said "well what we're doing here is we're building a boutique hotel'. The MGM Grand group has since acquired the New York, New York. The two hotels are directly opposite, and cross-promote with a walkway between the two.

Downstairs and to the action. We found a unique setting of New York in the 1930s with Times Square, city buildings and shops, restaurants, cafes and taverns. These uniquely designed buildings are scattered throughout the ground floor of the complex, and even form back-drops for the huge gaming areas. The hotel, like many of the newer hotel casinos on the Strip, also cater generously for children. From the ground floor you mount stairs or escalators to 'Coney Island' where there is a plethora of attractions, games and machines, eateries, pop corn vendors, and the hotel's famous Manhattan Express Roller Coaster. This is fun and costs just $10, with repeat rides costing just $5. Remember not to take bags, purses or mobile phones when you join the line-up, because you will be directed to leave the line and find a locker, as you cannot take them on the ride. The roller coaster envelopes the outside of the hotel, up and down and through the various skyscrapers, and is well worth the experience.

We stayed three days at the New York, New York and visited just about every other hotel casino on the Strip, and went away well pleased with our choice of hotel.


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